EQUAM LA project meets to discuss toolkit on good practice in quality assurance and recognition of qualifications

On 14 January 2022 a meeting of the EQUAM LA project was held with the aim of exchanging different opinions on the ToolKit (Toolkit for the accreditation of quality management).

Dafi Mora from the Technological University of Panama, Aranzuzu Berbey from the Technological University of Panama, Maribel Gómez from the University of Panama, Yajaira Castillo from the University of Panama and Eduardo Villarreal from the Ministry of Education participated in this meeting.

The following points can be highlighted from this meeting:

It was considered that the project strengthens the actions and efforts made previously and it was recalled that there are internal regulations in each institution, however, it is a very simple and easy to apply document and that the project contributes to strengthening the quality management processes of our universities.

It was stated that the project is focused on universities and therefore does not have direct implications for MEDUCA, but indirectly aims to improve the quality of some academic processes that are requirements for higher education.

On the other hand, this institution has coordinated and invited CONEAUPA to participate in the activities carried out.

At this meeting, it was suggested to extend the participation to other universities and to integrate other processes.

The Executive Director of the CCA pointed out that there is an ANECA- CCA Agreement, the international AUDID, where the official universities participated in the pilot experience, and that the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Panama was accredited.

The conclusion was that the document is very didactic and that it is an experience that can be taken advantage of.